Rendel involved in the development of the roads infrastructure in Nepal
Rendel is providing technical support on a roads improvement project in Nepal. A consortium led by IMC Worldwide with Rendel and four US-based consultants won the first Task Order from a three-year MCC-funded Transport and Vertical Structures (TVS) Framework program. There are several further opportunities worldwide within this TVS Framework program.

The program is funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a US government foreign aid agency which was created to help fight against global poverty. The MCC is working with the Government of Nepal to support the transport sector on both infrastructure activities and activities related to policy, legal regulatory and institutional reform.

The key aims of the MCC in Nepal are to provide investment in:

  1. Improving road maintenance (road condition and safety)
  2. Reducing trucking association related costs
  3. Reducing border friction and cross border trade inefficiencies.

Nepal’s geography and weather conditions make road improvements challenging. The mountainous terrain, monsoon affected climate and seismic risk means that bridges, structures and geotechnical solutions are crucial. Rendel’s work will be focused on the improvements to rural and feeder roads, geotechnical solutions for the extensive areas of landslide and other geotechnical defects as well as on giving institutional advices to the Government of Nepal.

Rendel is acting as a sub-consultant to IMC Worldwide providing expertise in MIS, road maintenance and geotechnics.

The project started in July 2016 and is due for completion in 2019.



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