New Zuari Bridge in Goa – India
The tremendous traffic growth in the existing 2-lane bridge over the Zuari river in Goa, India as well as its deteriorating conditions entailed the construction of an additional 8-lane bridge (dual 4 lane carriageway).

The new cable stayed bridge part of a total link of 13,6 km is vital between North and South Goa; it will ensure a smoother vehicular traffic in the region including that of heavy vehicles. The new bridge will be constructed by Dilip Buildcon Limited (DBL) in a joint venture with Ukrainian company Mostobudivelnyi Zahin Limited.

DBL will have to complete construction of the bridge within a period of three years and will be responsible for the maintenance of the bridge for a period of eight years.

Ingerop in association with Infinite Civil Solutions Pvt. Ltd, India has been awarded by DBL a design contract.

This one of a kind bridge project in India enhances Ingerop’s long span bridge experience worldwide.

Ingerop has significantly contributed to the development of long span bridge engineering, being involved in many flagship bridge projects such as :

  • Severn crossing – UK
  • Hercilio-Luz bridge, Brazil
  • Rion-Antirion bridge, Greece
  • Busan-Geoje link, South Korea
  • Karoon Bridge, Iran
  • Miyako/Irabu Bridge, Japan
  • Vidin-Calafat Bridge, Romania - Bulgaria

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