INGEROP has been appointed end of 2014 as Engineer for the works supervision of the 41-km Bar - Boljare Highway in a highly mountainous environment.

With more than 3000 workers currently on site, the Chinese Contractor CRBC already completed 40% of the project which includes numerous tunnels and bridges among which the Moracica Bridge will soon become a landmark for Montenegro.

The piers of the bridge which are up to 160m high are now almost complete.

As far as tunnels are concerned, 16km have already been excavated, which represents 50% of the total length. The Contractor is working simultaneously on 30 different tunnel sections which are blasted and excavated 24/7.

The open road sections which altogether represent only 40% of the total project length are not the less challenging part with significant blasting and excavation mainly of limestone (total 3.5 Mill. m3) and huge embankments (total 4.3 Mill. m3).

Mr. Markovic the Prime Minister of Montenegro visited the construction site on 29th August 2017. He has been particularly impressed and stated: “Construction of the highway is a major event in the new history of Montenegro. Only the reconstruction of the state was a bigger challenge than this one. I am proud of what I have seen, and citizens can be proud when they see this.”


Sophie Rapatel
Head of Communication

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