Ingerop, currently performing the design of Line 3 (34 km-long of which 26 are underground and 26 stations), has been awarded another contract for Line 1 by the operator « Metro Línea 1 ».

The line is today operated to its maximum capacity. Indeed, the booming current demand corresponds to the level of what was expected over a 10-year horizon. It has therefore proved necessary to perform a technological overhaul of the entire project in order to meet a new 30-year horizon increase in capacity. The client signed an addendum to its contract with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) to design and develop a series of improvements to the original design.

The addendum to the concession contract between Metro Línea 1 and the Peruvian Government not only includes the upgrading of the infrastructure of the Lima Metro Line 1, but also the purchase of additional trains and an increase of operating frequency at peak hours (from 6 to 3 minutes).

Ingerop has been awarded within the EPC team (a consortium including Graña y Montero and GyM Ferrovias -concessionaire of Line 1) the technical assistance and the construction supervision of the following scope of works:

  • Additional maintenance  in the Bayovar workshop
  • Strengthening of the traction power on the main line to improve the operation
  • Construction of a new 300 m-long viaduct.

The site will remain in operation while the works will be performed; the impact on customers due to additional works will have to be minimized.


Sophie Rapatel
Head of Communication

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