A restructured office building of 21,300 m² of floor area located in the heart of Paris was inaugurated on 2nd March 2017: it is named as Intown.

Designed by architects François Leclercq and Anthony Bechu, the building owned by SCOR is a symbol of the Bouygues Immobilier Rehagreen® approach, which consists in creating real estate value through rehabilitation of office buildings.

INGEROP performed the coordination of the studies and the construction project management.

The building will house nearly 1,500 employees, a 560-service staff restaurant, a 220-service fast food restaurant, a 195-seat auditorium, a fitness room and a childcare facility. The value of the asset was not only enhanced by the rehabilitation itself but was also largely increased by the creation of an additional floor area of 3,000 m² within the same volume as originally built.

Intown aims for "Exceptional" HEQ level, "Very Good" BREEAM level and “BBC Effinergie Rehabilitation label”.


Sophie Rapatel
Head of Communication

Tél. +33 1 49 04 55 08