Ingerop in Hanoi for a tramway seminar
On October 27th in Hanoi, in front of more than one hundred representatives of the Vietnamese authorities, the significant advantages of the modern tram that would bring to Vietnam in 20 years, were presented by Ingerop.
Ingerop in Hanoi for a tramway seminar

A conference was co-organized by VUPTA, the Vietnamese association of public transport, HALCOM, an engineering knowing perfectly Vietnam, PACIFIC CONSULTANTS, a Japanese leader of the transport engineering, and Ingerop, that developed these themes. The group was represented by Simon Dumoulin, Head of the Urban Transport Department (left on the photo, microphone in hand), and by Philippe-André Hanna (also on the left), International Transport Director.

The tramway, which at the beginning of the 20th century was very present, was reinvented from 1985 to become the tool of the urban renewal. Pioneering cities, Nantes and Grenoble in France, have chosen to create a transport mode in own-site, with a priority at crossings, and providing a legibility and comfort that only rail transport can bring. Now, present in 28 French cities, the success of this mode of transport is not denied. After exporting to Spain in the 90's where it is now present in 14 cities, the modern tram has been chosen for major cities in North Africa, Latin America and now North America.

In Vietnam, transportation network needs are extremely important and even critical to support the country's economic and demographic development. Passenger cars, which have gradually replaced motorcycles, are part of the problem, using a disproportionate share of public space, and causing significant nuisance. Metro networks essential to metropolises such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are under construction but must be supplemented by secondary networks. The tram fits perfectly to these networks, offering a much cheaper solution than subways and is more attractive than buses and BRTs.

The presentation was very well received by the audience. In particular by category 1 and 2 cities, which are smaller than Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City but often, reach 1 million inhabitants. These cities often require attractive and economical transport systems such as the tramway (or LRT).


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