CHAUMET Boutique in Dubai – Architect – JM Wilmotte
The Chaumet boutique façade at The Dubai Mall has been entirely designed by the French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, in charge of the worldwide Chaumet boutique concept.

Arcora has the opportunity to work regularly with Jean-Michel Wilmotte on numerous and prestigious projects.

The challenge for Arcora when it came to the Dubai Mall store façade renovation project, was to incorporate transparency without compromising the brand’s codes, namely the blue glass and the geometric pattern composed of rectangles.

Arcora designed, calculated and shaped the façade 3D modeling.

In this new adjustment, the pattern has been increased, resulting in boxes whose front and back panels are transparent, attached to each other by a fine metal structure. As for the blue glass, usually surface-mounted, it was used to fill these boxes, creating a kinetic effect when the customer gets close to the store.

Arcora successfully met the visual philosophy requirements: the perception of the Chaumet blue becomes more subtle, predominant or more discreet depending on customers’ location and movement in the Mall. The assembly of glass boxes with varying sizes and depths makes the store’s perception more dynamic and attractive.

Along with this great transparency, customers’ privacy was preserved by making the display cases’ background opaque. With its newly acquired transparency, the store became more open to the outside, inviting passers-by to come inside and discover the displayed collections, while providing a significant inflow of light. This newly adjusted façade provides an impression of great clarity and lightness.


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