AREN’ICE - Future Ice Hockey temple in France
The Aren'Ice, future Ice Hockey temple in France, was inaugurated in Cergy Pontoise - Paris area on November 2016.

This building of 13 000 m² houses two ice rinks with international standards; one accessible to the public, the other dedicated to clubs and the French ice hockey team.

The main ice rink can also be converted into a theater with a capacity of 5 000 seats or into a multisport arena (tennis, basketball, volleyball, boxing etc ...). The Aren'Ice is also the headquarters of the French Federation of Ice Hockey.

This project is the result of a collaboration between the CFA IDF developer, Chabannes & Partenaires architects, Ingerop, the company Rabot Dutilleul and many other technical experts.

Ingerop has been awarded the engineering design and the construction supervision project management for the metal frame, electricity and fluids.

The Aren'Ice will become the new center of ice hockey in France months before France will host the world championships in the discipline.


Sophie Rapatel
Head of Communication

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