New test area PRIMEVERE




Implementation of technical program, general contractor


Saint Médard en Jalles (33)

ASTRIUM ST wishes to have an area for various tests, in particular all pyrotechnic and hazardous tests.

All tests must be capable of being carried out on pyrotechnic specimens which may present significant dimensions (satellites, sections of civil or military vectors, etc.) while respecting the regulatory safety criteria and ensuring co-activity between the different cells and / or their annexes.

The work to be carried out concerns:

- The hazardous test center, consisting of two large test cells for carrying out hazardous tests and vacuum and overpressure tests,

- The "impact tables" center composed of two test cells allowing simultaneous realization of shots for the qualification of the equipment in the environment of pyrotechnic shock,

- The storage center intended to ensure the storage and decontamination of liquid propellant products in packaging accepted for carriage,

- The reception center, integrating access control,

- All the HHTs required for the development of the site.

New test area PRIMEVERE
New test area PRIMEVERE
New test area PRIMEVERE
New test area PRIMEVERE