Morlaix multimodal interchange station (29)

Lavigne & Chéron Architects


Community of Morlaix


Lavigne & Chéron Architects

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2013 - 2017


Morlaix (29) - France

As a part of the construction of the new Brittany - Pays de Loire high speed line (LGV) and the accompanying Brittany High Speed ​​(BGV) program, which includes the modernization of connections between Rennes / Brest and Rennes / Quimper (RB-RQ), the State, the Brittany Region, the General Councils, SNCF, RFF and local authorities have wished that the 10 most important stations in Brittany transform into Multimodal Interchange Stations.

Morlaix, national railway station, is one among the 10 selected sites. In 2007, it welcomed 600 000 passengers, for 950 000 expected by 2020.

It is a station served by trains of the TGV Atlantique, as well as by trains TER Brittany.

The objectives of the EMP are:

1. To welcome the passengers expected in the optimum conditions for the commissioning of the new HSL and beyond,
2. To accompany the increases in rail traffic in Brittany,
3. To Promote rapid access to the different modes of transport and the development of public transport, and facilitating intermodal exchanges,
4. To contribute to the elaboration of an urban planning project and development of the station district and to successfully link the urban area of ​​the northern part of the station with a new bridge crossing.

This major project is signed by the consortium of Ingérop - Lavigne & Chéron and JDM Paysagistes.


The bridge crosses the rail network over a little more than 80 meters and continues at its ends by monumental stairs of the same width as the footbridge (4 m); the central staircase is of more modest width.

The gateway has the function of providing inter-neighborhood linkage, but also access to the station quay and the various modes of transport: it is a veritable center of the PEM.

In addition to the stairs, three elevators housed in glass tubes allow accessibility to the PMR and the bikes.

The vegetal platform is inspired by the local flora and the materials are very much influenced by those used in the installations of the city center of Morlaix.

Morlaix multimodal interchange station (29)
Morlaix multimodal interchange station (29)
Morlaix multimodal interchange station (29)
Morlaix multimodal interchange station (29)
PEM of Morlaix (©H Ronné for Community of Morlaix)
PEM of Morlaix (©H Ronné for Community of Morlaix)