Montpellier Tramway Line 5

Arch. Antoine Garcia Diaz


Transport of the agglomeration of Montpellier


Arch. Antoine Garcia Diaz


General Contractor


Montpellier (34)

Complete project management of the 5th tramway line of the agglomeration of Montpellier and its extensions North towards Prades le Lez and West towards Lavérune.

The first stage of the operation consists of the realization of connection of 3 sections to the existing infrastructures to form a line of about 12 kilometers.

The first section is of approximately 3.4 km and connects the Ovalie district and the Yves stadium of the manor house in downtown Montpellier. Place Saint-Denis- the interconnection with line 3,  scheduled to be commissioned in 2012.

A short section in the boulevards of Jeu de Paume, Ledru Rollin, Vialleton and Henri IV connecting the previous stretch (line 3) to line 1 (connection to the right of Place Albert 1er). This section will also allow for the complete looping of line 4, circular line around the city center of Montpellier.

The third section of about 7 km serves University Campus from the "Saint-Eloi" station on line 1 to Agropolis. There, the line reaches “P+R” parking that will be located in Clapiers.

The subsequent tranches concern the extensions of line 5:

  • North towards Prades-le-Lez (3.5 km),
  • West towards Lavérune (2 km).
Montpellier Tramway Line 5