Media library "des Capucins" in Brest (29)

Arch. Canal Architecture – Patrick Rubin


Ville de Brest / Operation conduct: Brest Métropole Océane


Arch. Canal Architecture – Patrick Rubin

Montant des travaux

15 M€


6 500 m²


General contractor, structural steelwork, technical batches


2011 - 2017


Brest (29) - France

The project involves reusing part of the former workshops of the Capucins UDZ, preserving their exterior aesthetics to set up a media library, which will serve as the head of the network of all the libraries of the City of Brest.


The library offers 900 seating places, with a collection of 350,000 documents, of which 120,000 are freely available to the public.
It includes 5 documentary departments, a reception area for the public, including a café space, an exhibition room, a 195-seat auditorium, offices for administration and workspaces for the treatment of the materials. There are also storage places for collection conservation, general logistics areas, sanitary facilities and technical premises.


With a surface area of ​​6,500 m² on 2 levels, the library is built within the spans of the the former workshops composed of stone 150 m long and 10 m wide naves. The arches of the naves are open to let the light in. Their interior design required a significant structural work, especially with the creation of new floors. Created structure is completely independent of the existing, preserved structure (envelope).


Inside, so-called "heritage" elements have been preserved for resettlement in the heart of the Media Library (industrial furnace, gallows, safety ladders...) in order to recall the industrial atmosphere.


The insulation and the roofs have been completely redone.
Heating and cooling are provided by active floor tiles. The renewal of air is assured by a system of air fountains. The building is equipped with a photovoltaic plant.
The floor was made with cast rubber to soundproof and preserve spaces that require more calm.

Media library Les Capucins in Brest (29)
Media library Les Capucins in Brest (29)
Media library Les Capucins in Brest (29)
Media library Les Capucins in Brest (29)
Media library Les Capucins in Brest (29)
Media library Les Capucins in Brest (29)