Line 3 of the Lima metro


Municipality of Lima / Protransporte


Design studies
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The private investment agency of Peru, Proinversión, has entrusted the international group consisting of Ingérop, the proxy, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bustren, Alpha Consult and MetropolitanaMilanese, with the studies of Line 3 of the Lima Metro, which will run across the capital from the north to the south for 30 kilometers.

Line 3 is one of the six structural lines of the future metro network in Lima-Callao (the port of Lima). It will include an important underground part in the hyper center of Lima in order to run under the Rimac River and under the historic center classified as World Heritage of Unesco.

The line is part of the agglomeration Transport Plan aimed at gradually resolving urban transport imbalances in the cities of Lima and Callao.

The service provided by the consortium comprises the first phase of comparative studies of alternative routes, supplemented by a socio-economic profitability analysis. It includes traffic modeling, a diagnosis of the existing system, and a series of comparative analyzes on several major technical subjects (excavation methods, systems, operation).

In the second phase, on the basis of a large geotechnical campaign, design studies will be carried out to define the entire infrastructure of this high-capacity automatic metro line. Ingerop coordinates the entire contract and will carry out the geological / geotechnical and design studies of the metro transport system.

Line 3 of the Lima metro
Line 3 of the Lima metro
Line 3 of the Lima metro