Les Champs de l’Arche

Architecte : Dusapin - Leclercq


Unimo - Promaffine


Architecte : Dusapin - Leclercq

Montant des travaux

21 M€


13 000 m²


General contractor
Lots : structure, electricity, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, roads and other utilities


Nanterre (92)

This project consists of the realization of a building holding apartments, commercial outlets and parking on the Ilôt 12 of the ZAC Seine Arche in Nanterre. This island is located near the A14 and close to two RER lines.

The particularity of the project is to be located above existing infrastructures (4 RER lines near A14 motorway), involving:

  • 155 mixed type housing: owner-occupied or rented housing,
  • Commercial outlets on the ground floor,
  • 2 levels of parking, located in the zone of development Seine Arche on the Place de la Croisée.

Environmental objectives: certification "Habitat and Environment" and "High Energy Performance"


​Years: 2008-2012

Les Champs de l’Arche