Architects : SCAU, Archicrea DP


IRSN – PPP Prisme


Architects : SCAU, Archicrea DP

Montant des travaux

35 M€ (total value of works)


11 500 m²


General contractor Design - Execution
Façades, maintenance systems, Envelope
Semi-curtain exterior solar shading, new construction, General contractor


Fontenay-aux-Roses (92)

IRSN - Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety

The new headquarters building of the IRSN is built in Fontenay-aux-Roses, next to the historic site. It unfolds according to a cross plan whose associated volume is carved by cut-out sides drawing a multi-faceted prism.

The different wings of the building revolve around a central distribution center, and contain mixed workspaces, offices, laboratories and conference center.

The exterior image of the building is marked by a glass envelope composed of venetian blinds covering both the façades and the cut-outs. The main entrance has a triangular canopy made of glass and steel.


The project has the particularity of being developed in the form of a Public-Private Partnership, with the BATEG Enterprise.

One of its specificities is the lack of air conditioning in the building, which has generated significant work on solar protections and the interaction between these protections and users, as well as a high thermal quality of the waterproof layer of the facade.

The design of the sunscreens integrates a set of mechanisms and automatisms to rotate the sunscreen to different positions during the day, depending on the sun's position. The solar shading panels in front of the facades subjected to strong sunlight are silk-screened and mobile. Conversely on façades with a substantially North orientation, the non-serigraphic plates are fixed in an open position, favoring the penetration of natural light into the premises.

Arcora has also developed with the architect the main entrance, in the south-west corner of the building. It consists of a single inclined pan of triangular shape in extra-clear glass based on a steel frame, reaching to the South point.