Highway A63 - Highway toll gate

Highway A63 - Highway toll gate


Autoroute du Sud de la France

Montant des travaux

22 M€


General contractor
(Earthworks, sanitation, roadway, civil engineering, civil engineering works, equipment) outside buildings.


Biriatou (64)

Increase in capacity and relocation of the Biriatou toll station on the A63.

The operation consists of a complete restructuring of the existing platform as well as of the Biriatou interchange, located at the Spanish border.

It includes :

  • removal of the existing toll station,
  • removal of the customs barrier,
  • construction of a new toll station (20 lanes) with a surveillance building, 2 arrestor beds,
  • reconstruction of buildings and customs control areas,
  • construction of the 4 entry and exit ramps with 2 junctions on the RD811,
  • environmental compliance through the creation of retention ponds and acoustic protections.


Specificities :

The works were carried out under traffic (35.000 v/d in TMJA, 30% of which are heavy trucks), while maintaining collection of tolls and activities of French and Spanish border control services and local exchanges.

The station has also been designed to integrate the free-flow electronic toll system within the development of the ASF network.

Highway A63 - Highway toll gate
Highway A63 - Highway toll gate