Grenoble Tramway - Line B - Accessibility of the platforms



Mixed Transport Union of Greater Grenoble (SMTC)




General contractor


Grenoble (38)

The project’s aim is provide accessibility to platforms of line B. It constitutes part of the general plan for the extension of the tramway network, which includes the creation of lines C and D, the extension of line B, and the acquisition of much longer rolling stock than existing ones (44m instead of 30m) and accessible to PRMs by all doors.


To allow the use of new generation trains on line B, and to ensure total accessibility to PRMs and wheelchair users, it is necessary to:

  • extend and enhance existing docks,
  • to modify the door sills of the existing trams in order to reduce the horizontal and vertical gaps.

The work focused on:

  • modification of the platforms of 12 stations of the line, of which 5 are common with line A in the center of Grenoble,
  • modification of the door thresholds of the 53 existing rolling stocks (removal of pallets and addition of fuse thresholds).
Grenoble Tramway - Line B
Grenoble Tramway - Line B