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Design and execution studies


La Hague (50)

With commissioning planned for 2012, Flamanville 3 is the first plant of type EPR (pressurized water reactor of third generation) realized on French soil. Built on the west coast of Cotentin in the Manche department, Flamanville 3 aims to ensure the replacement of the first nuclear power stations that will reach the end of its life in 2020.

In October 2005, EDF entrusted Ingérop Ouest with the task of preparing the Design and Execution studies for the buried structures of the new EPR nuclear power station: Flamanville 3.

The buried galleries used for the circulation of fluids and maintenance agents between various buildings are works representing a linear line of more than 2 km in length, equipped with large civil engineering works at the connections (see photo). The task of Ingérop concerned the studies and the realization of the plans of formwork and reinforcement of these technical galleries.

On top of that, Ingerop was entrusted with the study of the deadweight of walls located at the periphery of the Machinery Room and the protection structures of the plant's cooling pipes (enormous pipes 3.50 m in diameter) circulating under the MR.

In all, Ingérop teams carried out more than 486 plans during a period of about 14 months.


Years: 2005 - 2008