Commercial quay relocation - Vannes


Conseil Général du Morbihan

Montant des travaux

2,7 M€


Engineering Studies


Vannes (56)

The project consists in relocating the infrastructures of the commercial port of Vannes.

This supports the development of the Marle underpass, downstream Kerino bridge, which requires moving existing quays used for the shipping activities of the TMC company.


Works include:

  • Building a 70m long quay on the Marle right bank, 35m downstream from the existing quay.
  • Strengthening (rigid inclusions) and development of the earth platform perpendicular to that quay for operating load of 4t / m²,
  • Strengthening of the existing bricklayered riprap in order to ensure a long-lasting quay and platform.


Years: 2012-2013

Commercial quay - Vannes