Coeur de Quartier - Nanterre

Coeur de Quartier - Nanterre

Architecte en chef Urbaniste : F. Leclercq


Epadesa (Aménageur), Bouygues Immobilier (MOA)


Architecte en chef Urbaniste : F. Leclercq

Montant des travaux

135 M€


ATMO general contractor
Tertiary programs, shops and cinemas: Coordination of studies, Fluid management, SCIS, Pre-synthesis, Project management, OPC


Nanterre (92)

The project consists of the creation of a new economic and residential center in connection with the SNCF station of Nanterre University, the project is called COEUR de QUARTIER Nanterre.

The project comprises 7 lots, 2 of which are at the end of the "Terrasses de Nanterre", 5 of which are on a common parking base, in interaction with the RER A line previously integrated into a framework structure.

The program represents 39.800 m2 SDP of commercial premises, a multiplex cinema with 10 rooms, 34.000 m2 residential SDP and 850 parking spaces.

The goal of the project is to build an Eco neighborhood, deploying in particular an efficient energy strategy: RT 2012 -20% integrating a share of ENR from 40% to 65% depending on usage.

As part of this environmental approach, HQE and BREEAM (Very Good) certifications are targeted for all programs.


Years: 2014-2020



Development to meet the energy objectives of a heat exchange network between batches by regulated tempered loop on a field of vertical geothermal probes (100 U).

Integration of the forecourt and the street of the terraces in the infrastructure of the project base.

Management of the structural, vibratory and acoustic interfaces due to the proximity of the SNCF tracks and the crossing of the new district by the RER A.

Lot 4 comprising a tertiary building for 17.800 m2 in response to the Green Office concept (B. Immobilier) of positive energy.

Cœur de Quartier (Nanterre)
Cœur de Quartier (Nanterre)
Cœur de Quartier (Nanterre)