Arago tower

Arch. Atelier C. de Portzanparc




Arch. Atelier C. de Portzanparc


General contractor: Electricity, Envelope, Fluids, Structure, VRD + Sustainable development


La Défense (Paris)

The project launched by DOMOFRANCE focuses on requalification of a neighborhood in order to provide residents with comfortable and energy-efficient housing, integrated to the sustainable development. This new eco-neighborhood includes:

  • Rehabilitation of 518 housing units.
  • Construction of lease transactions.
  • Reconstruction of a 3.000 m² shopping center.
  • Construction of 12 pavilions and 16 apartments on homeownership.
  • Requalification of all external facilities.

General accessibility to buildings and housing will be facilitated for people with reduced mobility.

Total area: 30.000 m² "

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