Special collaboration of Ingerop Colombia SAS with the Loyola College of Medellín, Colombia - Educational Institution of Science and Innovation: "Working closely today, we build tomorrow."
The Loyola College welcomes mainly children from underprivileged backgrounds of the city of Medellín most of them particularly gifted, motivated and with a high potential. This institution intends to promote their social integration by supporting them, providing a scholarship which will allow them to go to university.

The educational methodology of this institution is not only composed of ordinary lectures, but it encourages and promotes creativity. Groups of five children are organized by levels to develop and implement a project, stimulating ideas, suggestions, while learning to find solutions to the problems they face. This teaches them how to work to overcome challenges that may occur at each stage of a project.

In addition to the main school classes, an innovative program called "Robolution Loyola Team" was developed aiming at promoting robotics as a separate subject in the educational program.

Ingerop Colombia SAS has embarked on this adventure alongside seven students and their teachers, providing financial assistance to enable them to participate in the PIGMALYON RoboRAVE Latin American 2015 Championship, held in the State of New Mexico in May 2015.


During a pre-visit to the College beginning of May 2015, Ingerop Colombia SAS had the opportunity to meet the young Championship participants who warmly showed their gratitude for the opportunity they were offered to participate in this international competition. The children explained with great enthusiasm and passion the project they had been working, describing the hard and constant work they had had to perform and all the unique knowledge they had been developing thanks to this experience. 


Sophie Rapatel
Directeur de la Communication

Tél. +33 1 49 04 55 08