Although Dakar covers less than half a percent of the Senegal’s land area, it accounts for nearly 20% of the population (nearly 3 million inhabitants) and 80% of industrial and commercial activity. One Senegalese out of two is a city dweller and one city dweller out of two is living in Dakar.
This strong demographic dynamism combined with the absence of any urban planning has led the capital to face major mobility issues hence threatening its economic competitiveness.

In order to upgrade its urban mobility policy, the Senegalese Government created the Executive Council of Urban Transport in Dakar (CETUD) in 1997. The aim of the CETUD is to support the development of public urban transport and the safety of pedestrian movements.

CETUD appointed INGEROP in association with Bruno Remoué to carry out the preliminary design studies on urban planning of public roads (avenue Malick Sy and Boulevard du Centenaire). This road planning should contribute to the improvement of the traffic flow and the development of urban transports.


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