National Lopé Park in Gabon

The European Union has granted 15,2 M€ to Gabon to bolster the management of its 13 national parks covering 11% of the country’s territory.

This funding highlights the importance of this key ecotourism development for the whole country.

The National Lopé Park located in the province of Ogooue Ivindo (northeast), a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007 managed by the National Agency of National Parks (ANPN), will serve as the pilot project.






The park shelters the highest animal bio diversity (including great apes) of all the rainforests of the world and archaeological elements despite heavy threats such as the presence of unstructured human populations. Located at the park entrance, the village of Lopé has a population of 1,000 inhabitants largely concentrated around the station whose activity is mainly tourism.

INGEROP with Bruno Remoué & Associés were appointed to undertake the corresponding urban master plan which involves the development of a village structured in accordance with the constraints related to the park status (“Priority Area”) both on a national and international level.


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