Jules Ladoumègue stadium received the 2015 ArchiDesignClub Award (March 2015)

The nearly completed “Jules Ladoumègue” stadium located in the 19th district of Paris was rewarded with the 2015 Sport ArchiDesignClub Award. This annual award recognizes the most remarkable interior and external building in terms of architecture, hence rewarding creativity in France. This edition distinguished 25 projects and gathered more than 26,000 votes.

The reconstruction of the stadium supervised by Ingerop in association with Dietmar Feichtinger Architects, is part of the construction project of the new maintenance and storage site of the RATP (Paris Public Transport System Authority).





  • LEED project component designed to meet the climate plan requirements of the City of Paris (50 kWh / m².year)
  • Photovoltaic collectors on the roof of the tennis playground, thermal solar collectors on top of the gymnasium and a first bioclimatic skin façade for the building


This sports venue is located on top of the RATP site at the same level as the Paris ring-road, bordered by future indoor tennis courts. In addition to the tennis courts that will create a sound barrier on a distance of 200 meters, the stadium will include two soccer fields and a multi-sports hall. This new sports infrastructure which will be connected by the tramway line number 3 reflects the growth of mixed-use development and the important integration of sports facilities in the urban landscape. 



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Directeur de la Communication

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