Geneva International Airport’s extension
On March 27th, the consortium comprising RSHP (architects), Ingerop (leading engineer), BUGNA and T-Engineering (RBI-T) signed a contract worth 100 Million Swiss francs (CHF) for the design and works supervision of the extension of the Geneva International Airport. The commissioning of the terminal is scheduled for late 2020.

The project consists in a total floor area of 52,000 m² and about 20 000 m² of façades built mainly with window glass: the retained architectural concept is based on elegance and transparency of an apparently light and inclined structure taking the best advantage from sunlight. This building encloses boarding areas along 300 m above a service road at tarmac level and a tunnel under construction, able to accommodate 7 new aircraft positions, including access gateways.

The bearing structure consists in a 6000 tons steel structure metal exoskeleton composed of mixed reticular floors of 20 m x 20 m. The challenge to deliver a positive energy building requires the mobilization of complex engineering expertise such as geothermal energy, heat recovery in the plumbing system and comprehensive optimization of the whole consumption not to exceed the photovoltaic energy generation capacity installed on the roof.

The constraints of safety and security within an airport are central concerns for the electromechanical engineer. Like the Pompidou Center in Paris – France, co-designed 40 years ago by the same architect, all the technical systems such as the framed structure are apparent and thus actively participate to the architectural image of the building. There is no doubt that this operation represents, for Ingerop, an organizational and technical challenge as leader of the engineering consortium.



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