Al Zour Refinery, Kuwait – Project Marine Facilities

The largest refinery in the Middle East

Work is well underway on the US$16.3 billion refinery in Kuwait, due for completion in 2018.  This refinery will process 615,000 barrels of oil each day (b/s), exceeding that of the current largest refinery in the Gulf – the Ras Tanura Plant in Saudi Arabia, which has a capacity of 550,000 b/s.

It is not just the size of the Al Zour Refinery which is impressive. The project is key to Kuwait’s long-term strategy to produce cleaner fuels and to meet its growing electrical power generation demand.  

These goals are being pursued with the greatest attention and adherence to international environmental standards.

Rendel was appointed by AMEC to provide Project Management Consultancy (PMC)
to deliver specialist marine consultancy
services for the Kuwait National Petroleum    Company (KNPC). Rendel has worked for KNPC for over 30 years on projects including MAB Sea Island, Mina al-Ahmadi Refinery and the restoration of Shuaiba Oil Pier.

Our role on the project includes the overall project management and coordination activities, between all participants and includes the various engineering, procurement and construction contractors for the three phases of the projects as follows:

Phase 1  –     Pre EPC contract award phase
Phase 2  –     EPC contract detailed     engineering and procurement     phase
Phase 3  –     EPC contract construction,     commissioning and handover     phase

Phase 1 has just been completed and Rendel is starting Phase 2 and 3.


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