For Ingerop, each employee has a permanent potential for progress; to encourage through training, everyone to be a player in their career to make it happen. We are strengthening every year our training investment to develop the employability of our employees both on the level of technical expertise and managerial skills.

In 2014, in France, more than 20,000 hours of training were provided and more than 800 employees trained or 70% of the workforce.

Each employee has a permanent potential for progress.

Our goal is to enable our teams to constantly progress and strengthen our value to our customers by anticipating the needs and challenges of tomorrow to ensure the success of our projects. Structured curriculum, grouped in our “CAMPUS Ingerop”, allows everyone to become more professional in their trade, strengthening its potential and building their career in the expertise of the Group Key (project management, technical expertise, personal development, people management) in France and abroad.

Ingerop, through its campus accompanies the promotion of talents and the development of creativity. CAMPUS Ingerop is also a meeting place for employees of different trades and regions. This is a way for the Group to strengthen cross-sectoral collaboration and transfer of knowledge.

Ingerop promotes and supports its employees in training steps leading to the acquisition of a diploma recognised by the state through special awards.


Direction des Ressources Humaines et Juridiques

Directeur : Jacques-Olivier Durand
18, rue des Deux Gares
92500 Rueil-Malmaison - FRANCE
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