Recruiting far exceeds only the research of skills. It is the gathering of women and men with different personalities and life experiences for training and who are willing to engage in a collective human adventure: building the Ingerop of tomorrow.

Our recruitment policy carries with it the ambition of our Group in France and Internationally: joining Ingerop is to pursue, develop and promote excellence.

Because each employee is an actor in our success, our pride and our independence.

Believe in yourself

Our recruitment policy is an ambitious definition to allow us to integrate women and men who, beyond the skills, will share our passion and desire to go deeper into technical excellence. Each recruitment is above all an encounter between an individual life project and collective ambition.

The commitment capacity, mobility and passion of our profession are major criteria of our recruitment policy.


Join us

Whether you have responded to an online ad, postulated on our website or been recommended by one of our employees, once selected, you will be received by one or more managers for an interview. The aim is to ensure an exchange of matching your skills, your values and your desires and ours. This process allows you, like us, the company, to answer a simple question: “Do we want to build together?”

3 reasons to join us:

  • ability to put creativity and ambition to the service of large innovative projects
  • boost skills and build a career path in France or abroad

  • to have the possibility to dare and to undertake in a human environment of excellence



Our goal is to give every new employee the means to understand as quickly as possible our organisation, operating modes, our values and our strategy to make integration a success.

Each manager is aware of the duties of hospitality and transmission.

Appointment of guardians, induction day, participation in internal business seminars, regular updates with the manager, clarifying objectives and missions are all ways and steps implemented by Ingerop to allow everyone to show their performance and to fully validate the choice to join us.

Direction des Ressources Humaines et Juridiques

Directeur : Jacques-Olivier Durand
18, rue des Deux Gares
92500 Rueil-Malmaison - FRANCE
Tél. +33 1 49 04 55 00