Cahora Bassa dam (Mozambique)

Water & Environment

The challenges of sustainable development, preservation of natural resources and environmental protection leads Ingerop to increasingly invest alongside its clients, public and private, French and foreign, to support their thinking, to design and to produce their projects in the field of water and environment.

Anticipate needs, understand the phenomena, predict consequences and control the operations.
Services at any stages of a project
  • project management assistance
  • diagnostics, audits and assessments
  • master plans
  • socio-economic studies
  • feasibility studies, technical and economic studies
  • construction management in design and implementation
  • water law issues and regulatory studies
  • hazard studies
  • implementation studies
Technical skills
  • hydrobiology
  • hydrology
  • hydrogeomorphology
  • morphodynamics
  • hydraulics
  • hydraulics numerical modeling and sedimentary
  • civil engineering, geotechnics
  • hydromechanics
  • penstocks and emissaries
  • automation – electricity
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