ZAC des deux Rives à Strasbourg

North-East Regional Department

With its 5 branches located in Besancon, Lille, Metz, Strasbourg and Valenciennes, the North-East Regional Department covers a vast territory that extends beyond the metropolitan boundaries. This proximity helps it be closer to realities on the ground, gives it great responsiveness and ensures a strong knowledge of local conditions.

The set of activities Ingerop - Urban development and transportation, Water & Environment, Building, Energy & Industry - is represented through the 180 employees who form teams in the Northeast Region. This multidisciplinary approach is also, for our customers, a skills pledge that can be requested at any stage of the projects.

River works, structures, BRT, industrial sites rehabilitation (in particular chemicals), complex demolition engineering, earthquake-resistant structures, maintenance engineering, building acoustics, infrastructure and environment, climate engineering and hospitals are the areas of expertise specific to the Region.


Quelques exemples de réalisations
North-East Regional Department

Claude Heyd – Head of Department


Agency of Strasbourg

1 rue du Parc
BP 21011
67031 Oberhausbergen Cedex
Tél: 03 88 13 60 60


Agency of Besançon

47 avenue Clémenceau
BP 1041
25001 Besançon
Tél: 03 81 81 39 33


Agency of Lille
6, rue des Peupliers
CS 50410
Tél: 03 20 59 15 50


Agency of Valenciennes

30 rue des Frères Danna
Site de Forgeval – BP 10275
59306 Valenciennes Cedex
Tél: 03 27 51 56 00

Agency of Metz

Europlaza Bât A
1 rue Claude Chappe – BP 15170
57075 Metz
Tél: 03 87 76 53 20