Viry eco-passage over the A40




Feasibility studies


Plaine du Genevois (74)

ATMB envisages the creation of a wildlife passage over the A40, between the towns of Viry and Etrembières, in partnership with the Republic and Canton of Geneva. This project is a part of a charter of the France-Vaud-Geneva agglomeration that includes the "biological bridge over the A40, the SNCF line and the main road at the foot of Salève". This action aims at preservation of natural areas and landscapes, and their connections.


  • Environmental issues: proximity of Salève (NATURA 2000 zone, ZNIEFF, BAPA), isolation of the various landscape entities on both sides of the A40, natural hazards along the studied area (falling boulders, landslides, torrential risk)
  • Territorial issues: major urban and economic development of the sector, vast infrastructure of transport (A40, RN1206, railways), other roads’ improvement projects to consider (on the A40 and Viry deviation).
Viry eco-passage over the A40