Reinforcement of the Gamaritz dam


Ville de Biarritz

Montant des travaux

1,65 M€


Project management
Partner: CIPORT


Biarritz (64)

The dam Gamaritz is a maritime structure built in 1881 to protect the entrance to the port des Pêcheurs in Biarritz.

In late 2010, Ingerop won the project management of the dam repair. The works include wider concrete foundation to prevent rock erosion, filling in cavities in concrete and injecting grout masonry. The contracted works were assigned in early 2013.

The construction site required special solutions.

The lack of direct access to the site enforced helicopter transport of equipment and materials.

A cableway (between the esplanade of the Sea Museum and the platform above the dam) and a crane allowed for delivery of heavy loads between the roads and the dam and evacuation of equipment in case of adverse sea conditions.

Installation of a concrete channeling on a cliff-side has ensured concreting.


Years : 2010-2013

Reinforcement of the Gamaritz dam , Biarritz
Gamaritz dam
Gamaritz dam
Gamaritz dam
Gamaritz dam