Fishing port of Lorient

Pourquoi-Pas Quay (fishing port of Lorient)


Région Bretagne

Montant des travaux

14 M€


Assistance à maîtrise d'œuvre


Lorient (56)

Ingerop provides technical assistance for the Pourquoi Pas quay reconstruction in the fishing port of Lorient and its reshaping in a fitting-out quay with a length of 78 m.

Ingerop assignment includes:

  • Design studies
  • Preparation of tender documents and bid analysis
  • Working drawings check
  • Technical assistance in steps during works and hand-over

Special characteristics :

  • Operation overloading of 6t/m2,
  • Challenging geotechnical context (important rock substratum dip)
  • Structure design under seismic stress


Years: 2012-2014

Pourquoi-pas Quay (fishing port of Lorient)