NucAdvisor was founded by former leaders of the European nuclear industry to create a private consulting company to have a recognised independence. This group of 11 people brings their clients a long and extensive experience in the areas of nuclear power, defense, technology and education. All had important responsibilities in the management of facilities, teams or major projects or programs in France and abroad. These "expert partners" control, directly or indirectly, 65% of the capital of the Company. Ingerop is NucAdvisor since the creation of its partner and now holds a 35% stake in NucAdvisor.

This privileged partnership allows NucAdvisor to provide its customers with expertise and size engineering teams for every subject. For their part, and in addition to their personal skills, "expert partners" can mobilise more than one hundred experts in different countries, independent or assured by large technological research institutes or industrial companies.


NucAdvisor offers the expertise and high-level advice for nuclear projects: feasibility studies, market research, economic research and financial, technical assessment and audits. These skills can be provided to all players in the nuclear sector: operators, manufacturers of nuclear equipment, service companies.

NucAdvisor performs the following tasks:

  • Strategic Advice for nuclear customers and new entrants (country);
  • Preparatory Study for New Construction;
  • Technical or financial assistance;
  • Project management assistance for construction and dismantling;
  • Training services for new entrants in nuclear.
Areas of intervention

Areas of intervention

  • Placing nuclear program;
  • Assistance with project management, project support;
  • Finance, Economy and Audit;
  • Nuclear technology;
  • Nuclear Safety and Regulation;
  • Decommissioning and Waste Management;
  • Human resources management, training and industrial development.