La Canopée – Les Halles (Paris) Arch. P. Berger et J. Anziutti

Building & Facilities Department

The Building and Facilities Department, based at the headquarters in Île de France is naturally supporting this activity across the Parisian basin. With almost 200 employees, skilled and experienced, it operates for the group on all large or complex building projects, both in France and abroad.

Equipped with all the necessary skills, it provides all types of missions in any field whatsoever.

This direction is particularly the reference center of "Health" in Ingerop.

Arcora, engineering of complex structures and facades experienced, and Vulcanéo, fire security consulting and subsidiaries attached to it, now enrich a very complete offer.

BFM is at the forefront of today's challenges: is a major and recognised player in the digital revolution and the energy transition.

Services at all stages of a project
Set of skills
Areas of Interventions
Housing and Accommodation
Real Estate Business
Urban Commercial Planning

Building & Facilities Department

18, rue des Deux Gares
92500 Rueil-Malmaison (France)
Tél : +33 (0)1 49 04 55 00

Alain-Pierre Grésil - Head of Department
Serge Measso - Co-head of Department
Ludovic Vaz - Director of the Projects of the Department
Yves Le Men - Development
François Dupire - Director Health and Public Division
Vincent Morael - Structures and Covers Division - Arcora
Franck Leminihi - Energy and Networks Division
Alain Januel and Nicolas Boisard - CICAD