Seguin Island - Removal of the Seibert Bridge
Ingerop is the prime contractor for the redevelopment of Seguin Island, where the Seibert Bridge is located.

The Seibert Bridge was removed on September 17.

A well-known work of the people of Boulogne, the Seibert Bridge connected the upper tip of the island to the southern bank of the Seine. It was one of the four access points to the island, the rehabilitation of which was undertaken by the SPL Val de Seine Aménagement. The removal takes place in several phases. After being lifted and loaded on the barge this morning, the bridge is currently pivoted to the ripping position, parallel to the shoreline of Seguin Island. The barge will then move to the edge of the bank, where the bridge will be ripped and finally dismantled. Discover our images of this impressive operation!


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