Ingerop to the project management (BET + OPC) of the transformation of Mayol Stadium in Toulon. The enlarged stadium is revealed with 2,700 additional seats.


The Mayol Stadium, a mythical place of rugby of Toulon, built in the late 20s, was the subject of a renovation and expansion. Objective: to improve the equipment and increase the capacity of the Bonnus tribune. The project management was carried out by Ingerop (BET + OPC) and the architecture agency Duchier Pietra (proxy).


With an additional 2,700 seats, this operation will meet the requirements of national and international sporting events.


Objective 18 300 seats

The increase in capacity of the Bonnus tribune was made in two phases, with:

  • The restructuring of the existing Bonnus tribune, adding 1073 seats.
  • The creation of a new quarter of a southeast corner, or 1618 additional seats, in the continuity of the Bonnus tribune.
    The steps of this new corner quarter were made of reinforced concrete to ensure architectural continuity of the Bonnus tribune (geometry, continuous interior aspect).
    Due to the limited number of supports between the traffic lanes and in order to limit the nuisance of construction, the choice was made for a metal structure clad in composite aluminum panel. It continues the rhythm and profile of the existing concrete porticos.

The total capacity of Mayol Stadium now stands at 18 300!


Constraints of an urban site in an occupied site

Because of its location in the heart of the city, which is particularly constrained by the urban and road environment, there was a big complexity on this project. The aim was to optimize the technical choices and the construction phases.
The work was carried out in two stages. The first installment involved the reconfiguration of the existing Bonnus tribune and then the new corner quarter. 

The functioning of the stadium (sporting events) was maintained during the construction phase, as was the parking of the adjoining shopping center and the traffic lanes below the planned constructions.
Constraint: ensuring public safety during matches, but also pedestrians and traffic lanes.


After two years of work, the reformed stadium hosted its first match last August.
Teamwork, for a successful transformation. Congratulations to all the project teams!




  • 20 months of work
  • Works budget = 9.5 million € excluding tax
  • 7 lots work and 2 lots supplies
  • 460 tons of structural steel
  • 600 ml of piles
  • 1 kilometer of micropiles



Client: City of Toulon
Project management: Duchier Pietra architectes (proxy) / Ingérop, multidisciplinary consulting firm and OPC / ERG, geotechnical engineering



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