Ingerop wins the National Engineering Grand Prize 2018 with Planète Nausicaa
On Thursday 25th of October Ingerop was awarded the National Engineering Grand Prize 2018 and the Construction & Development prize.

It was the Planet Nausicaá project that won the jury over!

The new Nausicaá is the 1st aquarium in Europe (17,000 m3) with more than 60,000 species of marine fauna and flora presented to the public. Ingerop provided general engineering in aquariology, including the water treatment process, the dimensioning of methacrylate bays and tunnels, and the decor and lighting of aquariums and basins.

Congratulations to Bruno Loiseleux and Vincent Boyaval from Ingerop, who were there to win this Grand Prix, and once again congratulations to the Ingerop teams who did a great job on this project!

But that's not all!

Ingerop and Arcora also won the "Construction & Development" award for the Urbalad project! Wilfrid Delamaide from Ingerop and Jean-Pierre Conqui from Arcora received the award from Nicolas Jachiet, President of Syntec-Ingénierie.

An inner street 300 m long and 200,000 m3, a 26,000 m² shade box, a structure to cross a test track, a high-performance bioclimatic design... This project is really out of the ordinary!

Congratulations to them and all the teams involved!


Sophie Rapatel
Head of Communication

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