Project, in which Ingerop provides a mission of project management, has been officially inaugurated on 10th of March 2017, in the presence of Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

The doubling of the A9 motorway in Montpellier

The objective of the project is to construct 25 km of motorway, with a coaxial section of 10 km to the East, a new section of 10 km in the Center, and a third coaxial section of 5 km, to the West. In the so-called "coaxial" sections, the route of the transit highway and that of the current motorway, which will be decommissioned in the southern ring-road of Montpellier, occupy the same path on 4 times 3 lanes.


It is, currently, the biggest motorway project in France. This large project has led to the reconstruction of a large number of structures. It has also reconfigured some very important exchangers and has totally modified the toll systems to bring them into line with the new configuration and new features of the development.

On the 25 km of the route planning of the A9 doubling, whose works have mobilized 3 millions of m3, there are 62 structures, lower passages, overpasses, but also hydraulic works. To allow hydraulic transparency some of them are large size. All of this because the region is being subjected to strong floods linked to intense rainy episodes known as cevenols.


Our mission:

Ingerop, provides a mission of project management (the first part design and realization in conditional phase), including the standardized MOP Act missions as well as specific missions.
An assistance of project management mission has also been planned for various assistance missions such as the constitution of the Public Inquiry file, assistance to financial management, etc.


It is therefore a very busy motorway which is scheduled to be put into circulation by the end of April 2017.


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Inauguration Dédoublement de l'Autoroute A9 - 10 mars 2017
Dédoublement de l'Autoroute A9 - Mai 2016

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