Inauguration of the Cateau-Cambrésis bypass
The circumvention of Cateau-Cambresis, of which Ingerop assured the complete project management, was inaugurated on Saturday, November 18th by the local officials.

Mathias Boutillier, Deputy Regional Director North-East, and Houssam Hajjchehade, Infrastructure Manager, Urban Development and Transportation North-East, were present when the ribbon was cut by Mr. Jean-René Lecerf, President of the Nord Department.

This project, initiated in 2011 (but waited for 40 years), aims to reduce traffic through the town of Cateau-Cambresis. The 3.5-km bypass will include three common structures, which will allow the restoration of the main roads, and a non-standard one, the Selle Viaduct. 260 meters long, viaduct will allow the crossing of the Selle Valley.


Photo credit: Ingerop and Christophe Lefebvre for La Voix du Nord.


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