Ingerop Management

Means belonging to an organisation to define an urban or transport project to implement and ensure its management or operation.

Ingerop Management is able to advise, assist and strengthen their mission through external support, integrated interventions within their teams with assistance and recruitment.

Missions at all stages of a project

Because each project and each organisation are original, our services are designed and “custom” built from frame type assignments:

  • Pre-operational Global AMO.
  • AMO strategic planning.
  • Planning and coordination of common and complex projects.
  • Planning and coordinating multi projects.
  • Management of risks and opportunities.
  • Control costs, upstream studies and feasibility phases, design and implementation in phases.
  • Project management: objectives, performance, costs, deadlines, contracts, quality, reporting and communication.


We believe that engineering for urban and wider regional planning must integrate innovation at all levels of its interventions: managerial innovation, technical innovation, innovation in the communication of information.

Several projects are now launched within Ingerop Management and around projects, translation of a innovative "posture":

  • A CIFRE thesis in partnership with Lab'Urba "the contribution of engineering in the implementation of urban public action."
  • Workshops for reflection, designed in conjunction with customers: new ICT uses and operational management, how to objectify the benefits of innovation, the role of urban OPC in the urban-social articulation, etc.
  • Supported collaborations with schools and universities: Paris Est Marne la Vallée (urban engineering department), ENPC, Central Paris, etc.

Ingerop Management benefits from the security of the CIR titles since 2012.

Areas of intervention