Infrastructure and Major Projects Department

Based in Courbevoie, more than 160 staff members of the Infrastructures and Major Projects Department intervene on linear infrastructure projects:

  • Railways, roads and motorways,
  • River works and canals,
  • Underground structures,
  • Engineering structures,
  • Center of expertise in complex calculation.

Our center of expertise in complex calculations involved in civil engineering but also on infrastructure projects and industry.

Department’s engineers involved in the following tasks, taking into account the growing needs of cities in mobility and the preservation of our ecosystem:

  • Project management assistance,
  • Project management, preliminary studies (feasibility studies), mutual funds and general studies,
  • Regulatory and environmental issues,
  • Project management of design and construction, integrated engineering,
  • Implementation studies,
  • Supervision, expertise and technical studies,
  • Defective Structures,
  • Audits, diagnostics,
  • And communication support and consultation.
Areas of Interventions
Rail, road and motorway
Underground structures
Engineering structures
Center of expertise in complex calculations
Infrastructure, Urban planning & Transportation Department

Stéphane Gautier - Head of Department
Frédéric Burton - Head of urban development & cross-functional activities, and Director of development for Infrastructures
Michel Poinsignon - Head of Inter-urban

18, rue des Deux Gares
92500 Rueil-Malmaison (FRANCE)
Tél. +33 1 49 04 55 00