Infrastructure and Major Projects Department

The activities of the Unit revolve around the fields of infrastructure, the city and transport, and include:

  • Linear infrastructures (layout, hydraulics, environment),
  • Railways (new lines, exploited network, rehabilitation, freight),
  • Urban transportation (metro, tramway, BHNS, light rail, tram-train, teleport);
  • Urban engineering and urban planning (stations, multimodal poles, public spaces, urban projects, mobility),
  • Structures and structural calculations (complex calculations, nuclear, underground works, civil works, major works),
  • Project management, through the specialized subsidiary INGEROP Management,

Other transversal activities complement the core competencies:

  • Equipment and systems,
  • Functional studies and socio-economic studies ...

The fields of intervention with clients and partners range from upstream studies (definition studies, pre-operational studies, feasibility studies, administrative procedures) to project management (design and implementation) through project management assistance, expertise and consultancy.

Direction of Urban Development & Transportation

Stéphane Gautier - Director
Frédéric Burton - Director of the Urban Unit and transversal activities, and Director of Infrastructure Development
Michel Poinsignon - Director of the Interurban Unit

18, rue des Deux Gares
92500 Rueil-Malmaison (FRANCE)
Such. +33 1 49 04 55 00