HR Ambition

The constant development of skills and the performance of its teams is part of the genetic code of a shared responsibility by Ingerop in logic with each of its employees.

The Ingerop HR policy aims at the concrete translation of the group's values ​​through visible actions and perceptions of all employees: training courses, employee shareholding, valuing innovation, recognition of individual merit, supporting our disabled employees and professional equality.

A dynamic HR policy at the service of our projects
Our goal: to give all of our people the desire to combine their individual ambitions to Ingerop ambitions.

Shared dynamic

The development of human capital is at the heart of the Ingerop growth strategy:

detect and attract the best profiles in terms of skills and personality, successful individual integrations by giving everyone quick understanding of the Group and its businesses, develop individual skills for the development of all through an exclusive training curriculum, build careers combining expertise, management and mobility.


Building together

Like any business whose performance is based on the added value of its teams, creating an ambitious professional environment is a priority. Ingerop attaches great importance to define its action plans based on detailed annual surveys amongst its employees and continuous dialogue with its social partners.

Our Human Resources policy is to serve this ambition in a real sense of mutual commitment to our employees who are also shareholders in Ingerop.

Our capital is wholly owned by our employees directly or through employee savings.

Education relations

Transmitting the passion of our profession, our demand for excellence, the awareness of our career opportunities and to provide training projects are the pillars of our school relations policy.

Each year Ingerop intervenes on the campuses of engineering schools in France and abroad to meet with students, answer their questions about our business, our projects and our opportunities. Ingerop has also the participation of its experts in the more advanced teachings of these great schools (ENPC, ESTP, ENSAM, IFMA, INSA, Polytech). In 2014, Ingerop partnered with the National School of Bridges and Roads (ENPC) to create a Specialised Masters BIM.

Master BIM of ENPC
Training & Learning

To accompany the development of new technology, ENPC and Ingerop had worked together to build high level training addressed to construction players.

The objectives are to:

  • Train in the use of the digital model to conceive an integrated manner the management of construction and operational projects.
  • Help different professional users to "work together" to meet all the technical, regulatory and environmental requirements, with controlled costs.

The Presidency of the Orientation Committee of the Master BIM is provided by the Ingerop's Scientific and Technical Director. Ingerop engineers benefit from this master as part of our training investment.

To learn more aboutn Master BIM of ENPC.

Ingerop has an active policy of promoting learning and training with nearly 200 trainees and apprentices welcomed each year. An opportunity for everyone to strengthen the practical dimension of his training, to confirm his professional choices and often to join us in the longer term.

Human Resources and Juridical Department

Director: Jacques-Olivier Durand
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