Hall A - Bordeaux Mérignac Airport

Hall A - Bordeaux Mérignac Airport

Architect: F. Boule (CCIB)


Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Bordeaux (CCIB)


Architect: F. Boule (CCIB)

Montant des travaux

15 000 000 € H.T.


Technical and organizational assistance to the owner
Assistance during commissioning


Mérignac (33)

The expansion and restructuring project of Hall A is part of the development and reclassification of the airport site plan and aims at:

  • Reclassifying the various modules of hall A to adapt it to the new typology of its traffic 
  • Developing commercial activities,
  • Offering the same level of comfort as hall B to the airline companies and users
  • Ensuring compliance and modernizing its main technical installations which were becoming obsolete

The construction took place in an occupied site and under operation and also interfacing with 14 building projects around. The construction works took place successively and involved restructuring and the construction of new structures (50%-50%). 


Years: 2000 - 2005


Characteristics :
The structure of the hall consists of a metal sheet of 100 m long, 30 m wide and 3 m high.
The 6 intermediate supports consist of a  bi-articulated pole and an inverted pyramid suspending the framework to the skeleton of the 6 skylights.
The design of this framework has been carried out by Ingérop.

Hall A - Bordeaux Mérignac Airport
Hall A - Bordeaux Mérignac Airport