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Extension of the Mayol Stadium

Arch. Duchier Pietra architects


City of Toulon


Arch. Duchier Pietra architects


Project management MOP + OPC + SSI


2014 – 2017


Toulon (83) - France

The project consists of the restructuring of the existing Bonnus tribune, adding 1042 seats and the creation of a 1627-seat quarter-turn on the south-east corner in the continuity of the Bonnus tribune. Premises (sanitary facilities, storerooms, refreshment rooms, shop, and infirmary) will be added to ensure the stadium runs smoothly.

Because of its location in the heart of the city, which is particularly constrained by the urban and road environment, there is a big complexity on this project.

It requires the preservation of the stadium (sporting events) during the working phase, the car park of the adjoining shopping center and the traffic lanes below the planned constructions.

The restructured Bonnus tribune consists of placing the stands at the bottom of the tribune while retaining the cogwheel beams forming the main portico.

The quarter-turn in arc of circle, in corbelling on the forecourt and the tracks, will be constructed in metal framework to limit the constraints of site in works.

The tiers will be reinforced concrete in the continuity of the existing terraces of Bonnus to ensure an internal architectural unity of the stadium. A mesh of expanded metal is used to dress spaces between gantries while leaving a great transparency on the corridor serving the bleachers. The top floor consists of 8 lodges offering a transparency of the structure.


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Extension of the Mayol Stadium
Extension of the Mayol Stadium