Environmental studies - A46 North




Environmental Project Management


Quincieux, Genay (69) et Massieux (01)

APRR, accompanied by its MOE Ingérop, has made environmental commitments in both design and manufacturing that are regulatory or voluntary, according to the agreements.

The role of environment manager is to ensure coordination between the various agents, to monitor the requirements and to respond to requests from administrations, environmental organizations and associations.



  • Environmental issues: flood compensation area (14 ha), wetland (7.8 ha), amphibian and newt ponds, hibernaculum, acoustic protection, drinking water abstraction,
  • Management: mowing, safeguarding of fishery, renaturation of water reservoirs, planting, asphalt mixing plant, quarry, material safety, monitoring of water quality, etc.,
  • Environmental assistance and advice.
Environmental studies - A46 North
Environmental studies - A46 North