Cahora Bassa dam in Mozambique


Cahora Bassa hydroelectric power plant


Renovation of spillways of the dam Cahora Bassa


Province de Tete

The central Cahora Bassa is one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in Southern Africa with a machine room containing 5 turbines of 415MW. The eight dam spillways (2200 m3/s each) have worked constantly since the dam was built in 1976. As a result, during the war, the generated hydroelectric power was very low due to the unavailability of transmission lines, the turbines didn’t discharge the water and the flow of the Zambezi River went through those spillways. Under these conditions of limited service and maintenance, general repairs and renovations are needed and require a high level of technical knowledge.

Years : 2009 - 2013

Cahora Bassa dam in Mozambique
Cahora Bassa dam in Mozambique